Date City Venue
11/07/20 Barcelona, Barcelona Sala New Fizz (with Proyecto Mediavilla)
Time: 20:00. Ages: All.
01/02/20 Barcelona, Barcelona La Revolta del Clot (with Proyecto Mediavilla)
Time: 19:00. Ages: All.
05/10/19 Barcelona, Barcelona Cafè de les Delicies (with Proyecto Mediavilla)
Time: 20:00. Price: 10€. Ages: All. Infos
16/08/19 - 17/08/19 Roses, Girona Ona Roses
Time: 23:00. Ages: 18+. Infos
20/07/19 Santander, Cantabria Red Bull Shipyard
Time: 18:00. Infos
29/06/19 Manresa, Barcelona X Spanish Beatbox Battle®
Time: 10:00. Infos
22/06/19 Badalona, Barcelona Musique Dansa Fest.
Time: 16:00.
16/06/19 Barcelona, Barcelona Oracles Theatre (with Proyecto Mediavilla)
Time: 20:00. Price: 10€. Infos



Markooz has explored beatboxing in several ways: from live shows, competitions and workshops to TV shows, musical theatre and event management. He's the first spanish Beatbox Battle® champion (2008), Best 8 at the 2nd Beatbox Battle® World Championship (2009), european 3rd place at La Cup team championship (2013) and one of the main drivers of mid-school beatboxing in Spain. Markooz is also known by the global beatbox community for creating the inward bass sound, which inspired a whole generation of beatbox artists worldwide.